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Have a fine holiday at Costa Brava Spain

The Costa Brava is characterized by picturesque villages with beautiful hotels and guesthouses, heavy rocks, beautiful beaches, a frenzied underwater world and a wonderful climate. The entire coastal strip is very mountainous massifs by different that to walk into the sea and owes the coast its name: Costa Brava which means "Wild Coast". There is a Mediterranean climate. This means that the rather precarious, windier and moister than the partly very dry also in hinterland.

On the Costa Brava beaches are very rare, actually are the only two beaches in the huge wave of Roses and in the Bay of Pals. But small, surrounded by green pine trees bays provide the Central Costa Brava his charisma. The beaches usually consist of coarse sand, fine gravel or pebbles. The water at these beaches is often extremely bright with a deep blue color. On the places where the coast is less rugged and wild you will more likely have wider and larger beaches.


The Costa Brava is often associated with mass tourism, but this is only a few places the case. Most of the Costa Brava, especially inland, consists of beautiful and picturesque villages where the ancient Catalan culture. Also two Spanish quantities come from the region of the Costa Brava. So is Salvador Dali from the Nice coastal town Figueres and Antoni Gaudi has its traces in Barcelona.


The southern stretch of the Costa Brava is also sometimes referred to as the Costa del Maresme (moersas country coast). This section of the Costa Brava belongs not to the province of Gerona, but also to the province of Barcelona. The Costa del Maresme is the piece of coast of the Costa Brava that extends from Malgrat de Mar to the city of Barcelona. This swamp country coast owes its name to the marshy hinterland. In this southern portion of the Costa Brava beaches are considerably more and larger and wider than in the northern part of the Costa Brava. The best-known and most tourist holiday village is here undoubtedly Calella.

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